Photography Mentoring by Rikki-Lee

What do you get with your Photography Mentoring?
~ Access to a private password protected Mentoring website with Hundreds of tips and tutorials. All based on questions asked by Mentorees.
~ Website access over 60 Editing tutorial videos (valued at $800) with more being added weekly
~ Website access Tips, guides,on all different facets of photographer - general categorised information with more being added weekly
~ FB Live from Rikki-Lee's own personal client photoshoots.
~ 2 Ebooks - Marketing on Facebook and Manual Mode for new photographers. (Valued at $25)

I will reveal anything and everything you want to know. I film behind the scenes of as many shoots as I can (minimum of 2 per week). Show how I go about editing, those photos.

You will learn Marketing, Editing from scratch NO ACTIONS or PRESETS, Posing, Natural Lighting, Camera Settings, Props, how to save money, workflow, how to make Social Media work for you, how to be confident and be self inspired and so much more.

I do FB LIVE interactions while I am at shoots, share movie tutorials, answer group questions give personal and gentle/truthful cc and the list goes on and on.

The members inside are already learning so much and the growth of these photographers in just weeks is absolutely blowing me away! If you aren't sure if you should join or not, I can guarantee you WILL learn more than you ever thought and you will learn things relevant TO YOU!

Photography Mentoring: 3 months - $99US.


Once you have made your payment, request to join this group facebook group, "Mentoring by Rikki-Lee". This group can be found at: and I will add you.

If, for any reason you would like to unsubscribe please follow this link:

I look forward to seeing you inside the group!

For more information here are what the existing members are saying!

You cant afford to pass this opportunity up! Rikki has been so amazing with answering questions, giving behind the scenes and doing videos for us to learn from. Ask and you will recieve. I just love her! The ladies in the group are awesome too! Very supportive and friendly. - Saeresa Collins Axton

This is the best spent money I've ever spent on photography. Rikki-Lee Jono Wrightson is so generous with sharing her knowledge and we have sooo many questions :) Whatever tutorial we ask for she makes one. I can finally get rid of some actions I bought and do hands edit. I will renew my subscription :) - Nery Kuzmanic

Rikki-Lee has been so fantastic! She has answer questions and given advice in a positive way. She has made learning so much less scary. It is a wonderful supportive group. Don't hesitate to sign up!!

Rikki-Lee Jono Wrightson has been amazingly helpful and attentive to any questions we may have. She's very informative and has a lot of experience. It's been the best $$ I have spent in awhile and its been amazing to gain access to an awesome photog and her wealth of knowledge.

I am learning so much from Rikki-lee. Love her generosity of knowledge . Ask and she will answer :) - Susan Sharp

Such a lovely friendly group, I love that as well as Rikki giving her heart and soul into helping so do the other members. In this last week I have learnt so much by watching Rikki at work. You won't feel judged by asking questions. Instead you will receive honest helpful feedback and solutions for the photography/editing issues you may have. - Linda Crighton

The videos Rikki-Lee Jono Wrightson posts are so helpful-better yet, they are requested by members of the group! She posts pictures and so many suggestions. Beyond all this advice she's encouraging, honest and kind. It's the best money I've spent. I fe... - Kelly Comtois

Seriously the BEST money I have spent so far... All secrets revealed all questions answered with easy to understand instructions and kind and thoughtful words !! Don't miss the opportunity to join - Paris Hobbs

Your subscription will be for 3 months at the cost of $99US.
It only takes a minute to join


Please note: By joining you are automatically agreeing NOT to share photographic, marketing or editing information with anyone. You will not profit from anything that is taught within this group/class/mentoring for a period of 2 years. If you are found to breach this rule you will be automatically banned from the group and face other consenquences.


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