with Rikki-Lee"
Pregnant Memories

Learn to create beautiful newborn photos in your clients own home or studio using natural light and minimal props. Learn to beautifully wrap using different techniques. Discover how to relax and soothe a newborn and gently guide them into any pose. Watch as I calmly pose a family together to create amazing memories. This is an amazing opportunity with only 5 places available.

WHEN: 17th September, 2017
WHERE: Pukekohe, Auckland, New Zealand
TIME: 9:00am - 12:30am

This is a hands on workshop. You WILL be taking photos and I will give time to each person to help with their camera settings and give one on one attention. We will be conducting this photoshoot in a real clients own home in Penrith.

There is a very strong emphasis on giving you hands on experience to learn by doing it, rather than by watching. This workshop is about YOU, and I will be there guiding and teaching but also working one on one with each person throughout to ensure that you are understanding and learning and are able to recreate what you are learning.

~ I will teach you how to LOOK at sunlight and use it to your advantage and not see it as a challenge to over come.
~ I will show you how to place your subject in different positions to the sun light and create spectacular results.
~ I will explain the fundemental rules of posing a newborn baby.
~ I will show you the angles you need to be mindful of.
~ You will learn how to be confident and relax your clients in just a few minutes before you begin.
~ I will show you how to create a posing flow that makes it easy for you to shift from one pose to another effortlessly.

After you go home
I will be putting together photoshop tutorial recordings, which you will be given access to. You can see the final result from our workshop and learn how I edited the photos step by step. You can watch these over and over again and even edit along with me at your own pace.

What you get:
~ Hand outs with written information on what you have learnt to take home with you
~ Unlimited access to the editing tutorials from the day
~ The ability to contact me after the workshop to talk about what you learnt or to ask questions.

Cost: $350
50% deposit will be required at time of booking. Then the final payment will be required 1 week prior to the workshop.

The cost of this workshop has been discounted due to the late nature of this workshop. I am aware it is only a few weeks away and it can be difficult to save so quickly. The price will be significantly higher for the next workshop I perform in Sydney.

Fine print:
~ If you are unable to attend there is no refund. You can give your spot to another person but there will be no refund given once money has been paid.
~ I reserve the right to decline anyone entrance with a refund provided. If you do not show up for your class, you will not be refunded.
~ My education IS NOT open to those who mentor or teach in any way.
~ You may not record or video the session. This is in person only.

If you are interesting in attending please fill in this form and I will respond to you within 24 hours.
N.B: By filling in this form you are agreeing to the above fine print.